Vindex creates programming, technology, and experiences that holistically support the global gaming and esports industry through its suite of solutions, including Belong Gaming Arenas, Esports Engine, and intelligence platform, Let’s Play.

Vindex was founded by the team that brought esports to North America (through Major League Gaming, later acquired by Activision Blizzard) and has moved the industry forward at every meaningful inflection point over the past 20 years.

Vindex is driving a new industry model that provides the framework and solutions needed for esports to become a sustainable business more akin to traditional sports and entertainment properties.


The historical Vindex, a Roman governor, was powerful in body and of shrewd intelligence, skilled in warfare and full of daring for any great enterprise. He had a passionate love of freedom and a vast ambition. Vindex was so praised, coins were minted in his honor.

Everyone at Vindex aims to live up to this example—delivering powerful, thoughtful experiences that bring out the best in the esports industry for every player and every fan.

If you’re ready to go to battle with us and push this industry forward, reach out.

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