Vindex Intelligence

the Premiere Measurement Solution of the Attention Economy.

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Robust Analytics And Actionable Insights Focused On Audience Engagement, Media Consumption And Player Activity Trends.

The Vindex Intelligence Platform harnesses data from across gaming, streaming, social and community to generate a 360 degree view of the gaming consumer.

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A Comprehensive View Of A Fragmented Industry Empowers Clients With The Tools And Insights They Need

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Audience Discovery

Identify media consumption trends among your audience and unlock actionable insights to maximize your reach and increase viewer retention.

Esports Intelligence

Track esports leagues, teams, players and organizations. Uncover trends, establish custom benchmarks, compare leagues, teams and players by viewership, audience quality and reach across media platforms.

Broadcast Analytics

Measure and enhance engagement within a broadcast. Uncover drivers of audience retention and evaluate your channel's performance over time.

Influencer Insights

Optimize your content creator portfolio. Maximize the reach and relevance of your partnerships with the most capable influencer tool available.