Jun 2nd, 2023

Gamers Outreach Proves That Fundraising on Twitch is Critical to Attracting a Young and Diverse Donor Base

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Gamers Outreach Proves That Fundraising on Twitch is Critical to Attracting a Young and Diverse Donor Base article Thumbnail
  • Gamers Outreach is a charity that focuses on giving hospitalized children the opportunity to play video games and promote a joyful experience during care.
  • In March, Gamers for Giving, a streamathon and LAN party hosted by Gamers Outreach celebrated its 15th year of raising funds for the charity. This year Gamers for Giving raised over $530K for Gamers Outreach.
  • The streamathon component of the fundraiser had more than 300 content creators participate, and they reached nearly 350K viewers on Twitch.
  • Gamers for Giving surpassed 725K of hours watched for the weeklong event, with just over 5K hours of broadcast content.
  • Datto was the content creator who brought in the most hours watched, with 62K for the week, and his community was able to raise over $23K for Gamers Outreach during that time.

Partnering with content creators on Twitch for charitable causes is not a new phenomenon, but it is an effective way to reach a younger Millennial and Gen Z audience. Twitch viewers represent a class of donors who typically fall outside of the reach of traditional marketing, and working with many individual streamers on the platform allows organizations to reach wider and more diverse audiences.

Gamers Outreach, a charity that supports hospitalized children through video games, hosted their 15th year of Gamers for Giving in March 2023. The streamathon had more than 300 content creators go live, reaching 350K signed-in viewers on Twitch. Each creator represents a distinct community, and by partnering with so many streamers, Gamers Outreach was able to reach many highly engaged viewers spread across many communities to great effect. Fundraising on Twitch is similar to grassroots fundraising with large scale, distributed viewership spread across many channels and different types of creators.

In terms of viewership, the streamathon amassed nearly 727K hours watched with just over 5K hours of content broadcast across all participating channels. During the weeklong fundraising effort, some participants went live multiple times pushing the total number of streams to above 1,200. These content creators offered their communities several opportunities to donate.

Of the streamers who participated in Gamers for Giving, Datto was the creator with the most hours watched for the week, with over 62K. Datto typically plays Destiny 2, as he did on March 24, when he was actively raising money for Gamers Outreach on his stream. His personal fundraising goals were exceeded—his community raised over $23K for Gamers for Giving.

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